Happy Thanksgiving

Just popping on before the day gets too crazy to say happy thanksgiving and to thank you for your support.

Be safe, be well and save room for pie ūüėČ


Can You Get That Dark?

I’ve gotten my WiP up to about 33,000 words since last time, but the site I use for the graph is undergoing maintenance right now. I’ll post that chart next time.

Did not add any new words to the WiP because we got another (almost) foot of snow. I used my ‘writing time’ to dig out. Fortunately, one of the neighbors with a snowplow toon pity and got the massive snowplow pile before I got home. I owe him big!

So, after digging out I decided I was too tired to write and just needed some mental health and family time, so we watched a ‘Dangerous Minds’ repeat that we never saw. ¬†It was “The Lesson“, you know, the marionette episode.

When he first stung up the girl and practiced, I said out loud “This is about the coolest, creepiest, scariest thing I’ve seen in a while.” Just putting myself in her position, with absolutely no control, mad me shiver. And that was the point.

I also thought aloud about what this screenplay might say about the writer. “Who writes this? Are they that damaged? I think I might be afraid to write something like that. What would people think?”

At the end, when the guy gets captured and we see what the ‘audience’ consisted of, my daughter (she’s 18) asked me “Dad, do you think you can get that dark?”

I thought about it for a while and said “I suppose it depends on how deep I go and how much I want to let out.”

Yeah… If I wanted to, i could get quite a bit darker.

But do  I want to look that deeply into my own abyss?

Isn’t that the point?

Be safe and be well.

Ill Communication

For someone who is attempting to make his living via the artful and constant use of the English language, I’m often uncharacteristically uncommunicative.

Such as I have been regarding this blog for the last few weeks.

Not because of the NaNoWriMo thing (which was neither raging success nor nightmare-from-beyond) or the experimental IndieGoGo thing. These things had their parts to play, but the real reason rests behind my barely open eyes.

I sometimes just don’t want to talk to anyone.¬†There are times when I can go entire days without saying a word outside of day-to-day social niceties. When those times come, you can tell I really DO NOT CARE how you’re doing or what you did last weekend.

Why? Sometimes it’s because I just don’t have anything to say. In those times I hate to suffer the banalities of another person’s incessant babbling about irrelevant crap, so I save them¬†the anguish of listening to my forced attempts at civility.

Sometimes it’s because I truly cannot stand to listen to the tripe most people pass off as conversation. ¬†This is the “I’m only waiting for my chance to speak” kind of ‘conversation’ you get from most people. ¬†No, I don’t give a rat’s rosy ass about Duck Dynasty, so shut the *&$@# up about it already and go away. ¬†Or just go away, as long as I don’t have to listen to this Bravo Sierra.

I’ve found that when I’m like this I need to be alone. My mind needs to go where ¬†no one knows my name, but where I know everyone else’s. ¬†That is oftentimes the world of whatever my WiP is.

This, Constant Reader, is my reason (not my excuse) for being absent from this blog for the last six weeks. ¬†I’ve been encased in a world other than our own and have not felt like communicating with anyone or anything outside of that world.

This will happen again, just so you know. ¬†I’ll go from “writing mode” to “creating mode” and you’ll know which one I’m in by the frequency of the Bliggety-Blog¬†posts.

This is “writing mode” time, so you’ll hear from me a bit more in the next month or so, then I’ll drop into “creating mode”, go dark, and everyone will wonder what’s wrong with me.


Be safe and be well.

NaNoWriMo and Indiegogo

Or is that NaNoGoGo and IndieWriMo?

So confused…

It’s been quite a rough week, getting too little sleep and not enough butt-in-chair time for my NaNoWriMo.

Why? I am SO glad you asked. I’ve gone and done the stupid (or perhaps just the ill-advised) and decided that I’m going to not only ¬†NaNo myself into an early grave, but also try and crowdfund a new author anthology in the same month. ¬†What the HELL was I thinking? *you weren’t* SHUT UP, I know!

Not one to shrink from a challenge, I boldly went where angels fear to tread on the wings of love. ¬†Or something like that. ¬†GAWD my eyes feel like they have sand in them, ¬†but what did I do tonight? ¬†Futzed with a website I don’t need to have ready for THREE MONTHS. ¬†I’m not gonna have anything ready to sell until late January, but I HAD to get the fonts on the website just right. ¬†TONIGHT, not eight weeks from now.

Moral? Prioritize!

The countdown timer I put up on TAFpub.com¬†tells me I have a little over 26 days until the Indiegogo campaign is over (but I think its messed up). ¬†So that means I have 24 days for NaNo which means I have to crank out 2100 words a day on a story I am only 1000 words into. ¬†I’ll have to re-write those as well, because I had an epiphany about NOT going back in time TWICE in one story through a flashback-within-a-flashback. ¬†Sounded like a good idea…for about 10 minutes. Then I realized it was “Inception” and said ‘eff it’.

So I’ll just play it out as a trilogy, making NaNo the first installment. I’ll tell you what it’s about when I get it all figured out. ¬†Not quite sure just how Lovecraftian I’m gonna get, ‘cuz it’s sure heading that way in the fevered little space behind my oh, so puffy eyes.

Yeah… the IndieGoGo campaign is at¬†http://bit.ly/1aVVybo. If you would be so kind as to tell everyone you know about it 3 times a day for the next 25 days.¬†LOL J/K… I mean 5 times a day *wink, wink*.

No, seriously, anything to spread the word without being a spammy jerk about it.

How do I feel about all this? Sometimes I feel like the Kid in the clip below, sometimes I feel like the gung-ho iguana. ¬†You can stop watching after 40 seconds, that’s all it will take.


Be safe and be well.

Potential Energy for November

Much like the tiny figure at the top of the building at 3:00 in the video below, I’m all Potential Energy at this point, preparing to proverbially launch myself from the balcony and take on all that comes with November.

  • Leaves, lots of them
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Left Over Candy ūüôā
  • My “Project Launch”
  • Thanksgiving (Probably at MY house)
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday (OK that’s December this year, but it’s the same weekend.)
  • Having #1 Son back from college
  • Life (about which we are NOT to talk)

I’ll do what I can to keep updating, but you never know.

Until then… be safe, be well and enjoy a physics video.

Wasted Time

So what constitutes wasted time?

Spending three self-guided hours introducing yourself to InDesign and utterly failing to produce anything usable?

Writing 3,000 words only to realize you need to rewrite a majority of it because you based it on the WRONG character’s actions? Jimmy was in Baltimore on Thursday, you dolt. *sigh*

Having a long, silent conversation with a character about something she’s about to do and you’re trying to talk her out of it? Yes, we all hear the voices, it’s natural. ¬†Well… natural for a writer, anyway.

What about doing house- or yard-work? ¬†Someone has to do the laundry…

If you think you’re not being productive in your writing because you are off doing IRL (In Real Life) things, you’re accurate, but not entirely correct. ¬†Taking a break from your writing once in a while is sometimes more important that forcing your backside into the chair when you’re distracted by these pesky things like good oral hygiene, walking the dog or communicating with people that exist outside of your head and/or the printed page.

Make sure you take time to get up and stretch at least once per hour while you write. ¬†If you’re really in the zone and prolifically pound prose nonstop for two hours once in a while, that’s OK too, but beware the arms, shoulders and back. ¬†I have back issues so I’m forced to get up.

Do a Pomodoro session (this is my thing РClockwork Tomato App for Android), set a stopwatch or the timer on the stove to remind yourself to get up and stretch.  And maybe click the button on the dishwasher or sweep up those coffee grounds.


Take time to feed the squirrels. Photo by M. Frank Parsons

Or go feed a squirrel.

Remember that time spent doing something you have to do, or something you enjoy doing that is not writing, is not necessarily wasted time.

Be safe and be well.