Not Just Pretty Designs

Groovy Geometrics for Adults

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When I told you a few days ago that I had spent the majority of the last year designing a series of coloring books, I was not as honest as I could’ve been.

As it turns out, I was working out a draft of a rather long series. I didn’t realize I was doing so at the¬†time; such is the nature of my genius. ūüôā

I’m taking some well-deserved time off from my EDJ during which time I will¬†eat too much, drink too much, spend too much time in the sun and do very little writing to advance the outline of which I just spoke. It’s not that I need to break from writing (I really need a break from job), but I need to let the outline float around in my subconscious a little more.

I’ll be using the excuse of NaNoWriMo to see just what kind of output I can get. I know I can get¬†15-20,000 words out of my brain in the course of the day if I spent all day focusing on productive writing, but I’m not going to get that chance in November.

It will also give me an opportunity to determine what my current “Pulp Writing Speed Warp Factor” is. I would very much like to have 1 million words written in 2016. If I take weekends off that’s about 3800 words a day, but¬†I don’t take weekends off when I’m writing. I may reduce the amount of time I spend writing because I have other things to¬†do, but¬†I don’t completely stop.

I just wanted to take a moment here, at 6 AM on my first day of vacation, to let you know I will be posting far more frequently than I have in the past year.


Be safe and be well.




Yet another step in the process of transmogrifying from an ‘aspiring author’ to an ‘Honest to God, LOOK I WROTE A BOOK – BUY IT NOW DAMN YOU author’.

So here’s that graph I promised for February:

Word counts

Wordcount graph


I’ve taken a step back from the writing for a bit of a recharge. ¬†BTW this first draft is NOT the first draft i was talking about in this post. That one’s in the drawer, getting some of that ‘distance’ they speak of. ¬†You know, write it, then put it away for a bit? ¬†Yeah, that’s it. Totally unrelated bit of fiction of the animal fantasy sort. ¬†Not ‘Incredible Journey’ or ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘Watership Down’, just me thinking about the life of some of the furries I see in the backyard.

Got well above 3K words a couple of times, but it took me most of the day to do it. ¬†Not that it took so many hours to write that many words, but it was the weekend and I still have the day job, so I had other things to do as well. ¬†But I did crack 3,000 words, so that’s a new record.

Yeah, I know. High output, and then? Nothing. For. Days.

Got a lot of snow, and I’ll tell you it’s taken a lot out of me. ¬†I’m not as young as I used to be. ¬†Hopefully I’ll get this finished, edited, cleaned up, and covered with enough time to make snow blower money by November.

Gahh… I’d hate to stay in that damn office for another 8 months, but if that’s what I gotta do, that’s what I gotta.

So, the snow/tired/stuck thing (which accounts for that string of ‘nothing written’) is about over, I got some of that Act 0 stuff done, and I’ve only got two or three more scenes/chapters/whatevers to finish, then I can call it a draft and work on the prequel novella.

I’m thinking I’ll have a free intro novella for the few years of Act 0. I suppose the back story for the novella would be Act -1?¬†ūüôā Sure, whatever. I think the novella would be a nice free or 99 cent intro to the series. ¬†Who knows? But that’s a marketing thing, and I have nothing to market so I won’t think about that yet. ¬†Carts and horses and all that.

So, there’s the graph I promised, and an update. ¬†w00t.

Be safe and be well.

Can You Get That Dark?

I’ve gotten my WiP up to about 33,000 words since last time, but the site I use for the graph is undergoing maintenance right now. I’ll post that chart next time.

Did not add any new words to the WiP because we got another (almost) foot of snow. I used my ‘writing time’ to dig out. Fortunately, one of the neighbors with a snowplow toon pity and got the massive snowplow pile before I got home. I owe him big!

So, after digging out I decided I was too tired to write and just needed some mental health and family time, so we watched a ‘Dangerous Minds’ repeat that we never saw. ¬†It was “The Lesson“, you know, the marionette episode.

When he first stung up the girl and practiced, I said out loud “This is about the coolest, creepiest, scariest thing I’ve seen in a while.” Just putting myself in her position, with absolutely no control, mad me shiver. And that was the point.

I also thought aloud about what this screenplay might say about the writer. “Who writes this? Are they that damaged? I think I might be afraid to write something like that. What would people think?”

At the end, when the guy gets captured and we see what the ‘audience’ consisted of, my daughter (she’s 18) asked me “Dad, do you think you can get that dark?”

I thought about it for a while and said “I suppose it depends on how deep I go and how much I want to let out.”

Yeah… If I wanted to, i could get quite a bit darker.

But do  I want to look that deeply into my own abyss?

Isn’t that the point?

Be safe and be well.

Ill Communication

For someone who is attempting to make his living via the artful and constant use of the English language, I’m often uncharacteristically uncommunicative.

Such as I have been regarding this blog for the last few weeks.

Not because of the NaNoWriMo thing (which was neither raging success nor nightmare-from-beyond) or the experimental IndieGoGo thing. These things had their parts to play, but the real reason rests behind my barely open eyes.

I sometimes just don’t want to talk to anyone.¬†There are times when I can go entire days without saying a word outside of day-to-day social niceties. When those times come, you can tell I really DO NOT CARE how you’re doing or what you did last weekend.

Why? Sometimes it’s because I just don’t have anything to say. In those times I hate to suffer the banalities of another person’s incessant babbling about irrelevant crap, so I save them¬†the anguish of listening to my forced attempts at civility.

Sometimes it’s because I truly cannot stand to listen to the tripe most people pass off as conversation. ¬†This is the “I’m only waiting for my chance to speak” kind of ‘conversation’ you get from most people. ¬†No, I don’t give a rat’s rosy ass about Duck Dynasty, so shut the *&$@# up about it already and go away. ¬†Or just go away, as long as I don’t have to listen to this Bravo Sierra.

I’ve found that when I’m like this I need to be alone. My mind needs to go where ¬†no one knows my name, but where I know everyone else’s. ¬†That is oftentimes the world of whatever my WiP is.

This, Constant Reader, is my reason (not my excuse) for being absent from this blog for the last six weeks. ¬†I’ve been encased in a world other than our own and have not felt like communicating with anyone or anything outside of that world.

This will happen again, just so you know. ¬†I’ll go from “writing mode” to “creating mode” and you’ll know which one I’m in by the frequency of the Bliggety-Blog¬†posts.

This is “writing mode” time, so you’ll hear from me a bit more in the next month or so, then I’ll drop into “creating mode”, go dark, and everyone will wonder what’s wrong with me.


Be safe and be well.