#KoHQoL Now Available on KU

My new serialized series, King of Hope, Queen of Light is available on Amazon.

You can find the list of available episodes (available on Kindle Unlimited) at my author page by clicking here.

Click the cover below to grab your copy of the 3 episode bundle.



Be safe and be well.


NaNoWriMo and Indiegogo

Or is that NaNoGoGo and IndieWriMo?

So confused…

It’s been quite a rough week, getting too little sleep and not enough butt-in-chair time for my NaNoWriMo.

Why? I am SO glad you asked. I’ve gone and done the stupid (or perhaps just the ill-advised) and decided that I’m going to not only  NaNo myself into an early grave, but also try and crowdfund a new author anthology in the same month.  What the HELL was I thinking? *you weren’t* SHUT UP, I know!

Not one to shrink from a challenge, I boldly went where angels fear to tread on the wings of love.  Or something like that.  GAWD my eyes feel like they have sand in them,  but what did I do tonight?  Futzed with a website I don’t need to have ready for THREE MONTHS.  I’m not gonna have anything ready to sell until late January, but I HAD to get the fonts on the website just right.  TONIGHT, not eight weeks from now.

Moral? Prioritize!

The countdown timer I put up on TAFpub.com tells me I have a little over 26 days until the Indiegogo campaign is over (but I think its messed up).  So that means I have 24 days for NaNo which means I have to crank out 2100 words a day on a story I am only 1000 words into.  I’ll have to re-write those as well, because I had an epiphany about NOT going back in time TWICE in one story through a flashback-within-a-flashback.  Sounded like a good idea…for about 10 minutes. Then I realized it was “Inception” and said ‘eff it’.

So I’ll just play it out as a trilogy, making NaNo the first installment. I’ll tell you what it’s about when I get it all figured out.  Not quite sure just how Lovecraftian I’m gonna get, ‘cuz it’s sure heading that way in the fevered little space behind my oh, so puffy eyes.

Yeah… the IndieGoGo campaign is at http://bit.ly/1aVVybo. If you would be so kind as to tell everyone you know about it 3 times a day for the next 25 days. LOL J/K… I mean 5 times a day *wink, wink*.

No, seriously, anything to spread the word without being a spammy jerk about it.

How do I feel about all this? Sometimes I feel like the Kid in the clip below, sometimes I feel like the gung-ho iguana.  You can stop watching after 40 seconds, that’s all it will take.


Be safe and be well.

Publishing Pajamahadeen

In the spirit of full disclosure, while I am going to start my own publishing company, I have nothing against traditional publishers. I find a recent turn of events quite interesting and it is the subject of this article.

The publishing business is being challenged by self-pub/indie-pub and the old guard is nonplussed (thanks to The Passive Voice for the heads-up).  They have been challenged for some time, but now it seems the ‘old school’ publishers are defending their paradigm more fiercely by attacking those who challenge them.

Much in the same way it is accepted political practice (denials to the contrary) to make a “heinous charge” against an opponent.  The accusation carries more weight than the truth about the charge: accuse an opponent of something (even if demonstrably untrue) and that opponent becomes “That Guy Who…” for the rest of his life.  You might remember the Duke Lacrosse thing?  An extreme example, but you get the gist.

The current salvo against cutting out the middle-people and writing directly to one’s audience makes you the “Publishing Pajamahadeen”. You are apparently not worthy of being read by virtue of your inability to pass through the hallowed halls of the ‘old boys club’ and have a literary contract bestowed upon you.  Such elitist tripe.

YOU, ya pajama-clad infinite-monkey, have no right to question, challenge or otherwise look directly at we mighty few who should, by right, determine what, when, how and at what price the public has access to new works of fiction.  You are so lucky we’re giving you 7.125¢ per sale. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

–Said by no one, but heavily implied.

Perhaps the desires of the actual reading public escapes them.  Perhaps they fear this new “self-determined reader” will choose its own “Best New Authors” instead of waiting to be told who to read.  Perhaps they already are…

We shall see.

Be safe and be well.