Ill Communication

For someone who is attempting to make his living via the artful and constant use of the English language, I’m often uncharacteristically uncommunicative.

Such as I have been regarding this blog for the last few weeks.

Not because of the NaNoWriMo thing (which was neither raging success nor nightmare-from-beyond) or the experimental IndieGoGo thing. These things had their parts to play, but the real reason rests behind my barely open eyes.

I sometimes just don’t want to talk to anyone. There are times when I can go entire days without saying a word outside of day-to-day social niceties. When those times come, you can tell I really DO NOT CARE how you’re doing or what you did last weekend.

Why? Sometimes it’s because I just don’t have anything to say. In those times I hate to suffer the banalities of another person’s incessant babbling about irrelevant crap, so I save them the anguish of listening to my forced attempts at civility.

Sometimes it’s because I truly cannot stand to listen to the tripe most people pass off as conversation.  This is the “I’m only waiting for my chance to speak” kind of ‘conversation’ you get from most people.  No, I don’t give a rat’s rosy ass about Duck Dynasty, so shut the *&$@# up about it already and go away.  Or just go away, as long as I don’t have to listen to this Bravo Sierra.

I’ve found that when I’m like this I need to be alone. My mind needs to go where  no one knows my name, but where I know everyone else’s.  That is oftentimes the world of whatever my WiP is.

This, Constant Reader, is my reason (not my excuse) for being absent from this blog for the last six weeks.  I’ve been encased in a world other than our own and have not felt like communicating with anyone or anything outside of that world.

This will happen again, just so you know.  I’ll go from “writing mode” to “creating mode” and you’ll know which one I’m in by the frequency of the Bliggety-Blog posts.

This is “writing mode” time, so you’ll hear from me a bit more in the next month or so, then I’ll drop into “creating mode”, go dark, and everyone will wonder what’s wrong with me.


Be safe and be well.